VIZIO M3D550KD 55-Inch 3D LED LCD HDTV Review

VIZIO M3D550KD 55-Inch 3D LED LCD HDTV Review I ‘m not a brand new 3D TV owner I ve had a 3D model of the TV before so I can use my experience is what you get with this TV it s passive 3D technology is much better than the active 3D technology used in most Televisions. The difference between active and passive 3-d 3D which is that active shutter 3-d glasses that the 75- 150 and passive 3D glasses cost applied to the movies that run between 5- 20 dollars. Active 3D technology must be at least produce an image with superior quality 3D from my experience with this TV and Samsung TV I think the passive 3D actually gives a better picture of the 3D technology. LED LCD HDTV Review This TV t also suffer what other 3D Tvs that suffering is a very dim picture if you go to 3D mode it s indeed very bright and almost theatrical as quality. LED LCD HDTV I have no complaints about this TV 55 inch sizes and reasonable price make this a Best Buy for most consumers. It is also great to play HD videos and hi-res photos of your vacation on the big screen. I have a phone/camera makes great panoramas and s a pleasure to blow up on the big screen and then Panning across the panorama. 3D LED LCD HDTV  The Vizio HDTV comes with Internet plug-ins it is possible to get a SKYPE-Facebook or Twitter message can appear suddenly on a corner of the TV show you are watching. You can then move your TV show while you watch as the picture a bit in the left quarter of the screen was Messaging. That’s why I call this set a real multimedia center in the home. VIZIO 3D LED LCD HDTV I love it (see the picture I added to the New York Times website on screen Vizio.)


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