HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr 15.6-Inch Laptop Review The HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr 15.6″ Uni-body is made of plastic. This type of plastic shows to be very strong, not what you would expect with plastic construction. The top lid has large hinges that snap it close, the lid has no latch, so far it does the job. The keys are nicely laid out, the only thing here is that the letters and markings are hard to see in low light. Next thing, the mouse pad has some problems. The mouse is hard to scroll, and hard to control. The mouse will hang up and jump around. The software that is supplied is not that good, some of it needs to be uninstall. There are some good things about this unit, that is for a 15.6″ laptop it is very light weigh. With 4gb of ram and a 500gb hard drive, it has good speed. The video screen is lacking in pixels, but it gives a very nice bright picture. The audio speakers are very weak, not much going on there, for good audio you need to add head phones, are mini speakers. For the price, this is a good basic laptop. I think that an upgrade to Windows 8, and adding some good software, will make this a great laptop. I am giving it 4 stars.


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