Sony VAIO E Series SVE14112FXP 14-Inch Laptop Computer Review

Sony VAIO E Series SVE14112FXP 14-Inch Laptop Computer Review ┬áComputer is very-light and the perfect size at 14″. The back-lite keyboard is a nice feature but it does not seem to distract or enhance much. I thought perhaps if you got the white version that might be problem but I got black, so it’s just a really cool cosmetic feature. Bootup time is really fast and impressive. Computer does not make any weird “processing” sounds. The speakers are on top (not the bottom) so there is no distortion of sound. The usb drives are all up front so it would be nicer to have those in the back. It would also be nice to have a 10-key pad but you really have to go up to a 15.6″ for those, and those really are too big for me. Wish it had a micro sd slot instead of a pro duo slot, but it is a Sony. Processor and graphics are pretty good but not great. But not at all bad, and I upgraded from netbook, so I am really noticing and benefiting from the speed difference. Overall, I would recommend this computer. I think between a PC 15.6″ 13″ and those netbooks this size really gives you the best of everything that you are looking for including: a DVD drive 6GB RAM (that’s a lot), and a hard drive with well over 500 GB of storage (640GB to be exact), good graphics i3 processor (of course i5 and i7 are better – but most people wouldn’t even need that and many computers out of box come with much worse), without being too big or heavy. This is a really great value and design. Buy it with your Amazon credit card like I did and you save 3% on top of that!! Highly recommend this.

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